What stainless steel products should you have in your kitchen?

Ever since the potential of stainless steel as so resistant to rust was noticed in the 19th century, metal specialists analysed its properties. Over the last years, producers successively learned how to use the possibilities it offers, starting with cutlery and kitchenware, and ending with hobs, ovens and cookery furniture.

Today we’ll take a look at three absolute hits worth buying for your freshly decorated kitchen. Their design and functions will surely complement the decor of both modern and industrial cookery spaces.

Steel hoods

Stylish, with an elegant shine and a silver finishing. Hoods made of durable INOX material combine aesthetic appearance and functionality. Such products ensure long-lasting and trouble-free operation both in our home kitchens and in the entire food industry.

There are plenty of forms and models of stainless steel hoods on the market. Many of them were created with the diversity of our kitchens in mind, so dimensions, the style we have chosen, and other accessories can easily be decisive factors.

Steel sheet used to produce kitchen hoods contains chromium and nickel and is usually between 0.5 and 0.8 mm thick. As you may well imagine, the thicker the sheet, the more durable and harder the hood is.

The high A energy class ensures that the device has energy-saving properties. Additionally, the steel used for the production of hoods is recyclable, which meets pro-environmental standards.

Stainless steel hobs

Stainless steel cooktops are becoming synonymous with luxury. Alluding in design to the industrial style, these appliances gain popularity because they are durable, lightweight and have an outstanding finishing. Care for the finishing of a stove resembles care for the body of an expensive car. Simply put, carefully chosen, gentle cleaning agents and regular cleaning will make the hob last years.

Currently, the market is full of gas and induction hobs using several burners. The smallest models will be a perfect fit for tiny, cosy kitchens. The ones having even four (or more) burners are a must-have in the food industry.

Steel cookware

Stainless steel deep fryer, pots, kettles, roasting pans and many other types of pans – all of those products have qualities which contributed to the popularity and recognition among consumers.

As they come in different capacities and shapes, they are perfect for everyday cooking and serving prepared dishes. Thanks to their design and the materials used, they heat up a bit slower than aluminium cookware, thus reducing the risk of burning the prepared food.

The most significant advantages of stainless steel cookware include rust resistance, no absorption of odours and flavours, as well as – perhaps of the highest value – safety in direct contact with food.

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