Stainless Steel Ovens

Carefully chosen and presented stainless steel ovens are known for their high quality. Moreover, they are even worthy of the highest demands. Their strength lies in the fact that they can be used  as an addition to a minimalistic design with high functionality as well as market leading safety. All this on top of a functionally rich and easy to use oven. 

All products perfectly complement small as well as elegant, spacious spaces designed for the real master chef.

Equip your kitchen with the highest quality of appliances!

Alpes Inox Stainless Steel Electric Ove

In our wide offer, you will find a stainless steel oven, made from AISI 304 steel .

This particular type of steel makes the oven stand out with an elegant, silver and satin like finish.

An integrated, stainless steel oven is equipped with digital Touch Control thanks to which you have a choice of various functions – including temperature and other functional controls, right through to choice of language of the installed software.  Thanks to the Touch Control switch you can, in an easy and transparent way, control the production and spread of the seamless heat making cooking quick and even.

Stainless Steel Built-In Oven

This stainless steel built in oven has a variety of extremely useful functions, such as: defrosting, thermostatic cooking, cooking with a fan, static grilling, as well as roasting. Additionally each oven is equipped with 2 trays and pan support which makes cooking and baking easier. Placing dishes on the runners lowers the risk of burns, assures safety and comfort in everyday cooking.

Additionally, all electric ovens are equipped with a food temperature sensor that helps to prepare your favorite meals as if in a 5 star restaurant, and ensuring safe cooking of even the most tricky food stuffs.

Stainless Steel Single Oven

This single, stainless steel oven will quickly become the main focus of your kitchen -  introducing a modern and elegant feel. Furthhermore, remembering our youngest members of our families and wanting to assure the maximum safety, we guarantee that the stainless steel oven door remains cool to the touch from the outside.

In our range you will also find a vast selection of accessories. Among them : additional, flat baking tray, pots, pans and bowls of different sizes.

The stainless steel oven that you have to have in your kitchen could be:

  1. Built-in electric oven 90 cm wide with 104 litre chamber made of stainless steel - F90
  2. Built-in electric oven 60 cm wide with enamelled cooking chamber, 65 liter capacity - F600
  3. Built-in electric oven 90 cm wide with enamelled cooking chamber, 100-litre capacity - F900

Built-in electric oven with digital programmer and cooking chamber with "easy to clean" enamel coating in gray - FS/9R

Stainless Steel Electric Ovens

Thanks its cooking chamber with "easy to clean" enamel coating in grey, this stainless still electric oven will perfectly match pretty much any kitchen. Obviously, you don't have to worry about any dirt left on it. What is more, its digital programmer will simplify your process of cooking. Namely, the touch control electronic programmer and 3-key digital electronic programmer set the most accurate temperature for each selected function:

  • defrosting
  • thermostat cooking
  • fan cooking
  • static/fan grill
  • large grill

How about the accessories for this stainless still electric oven?

You can enjoy delicious grilled chicken, perfect spare ribs or other meat crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside from your own oven.

The refractory plate speeds up the cooking by absorbing an enormous amount of heat. Now, you can make the best pizza ever!

Consider buying high-quality low, medium and high-edged pans, which go perfectly with your brand-new stainless still electric oven. Don’t forget about pan lids!

We also offer classic flat-cooking trays.

Stainless Steel Ovens

Why choosing stainless steel ovens is such a good decision? Because they are something more than just an oven. They are great for every kitchen, no matter what your cooking style is, what preferences you have, or how much space you need. Stainless steel ovens are so popular because:

  • they are easy to maintain
  • they have a lot of different features 
  • they look elegant and match every style 

Stainless steel ovens are the first choice not only for your regular kitchen. They are also chosen by the very best - master chefs, bakers, and hotel managers. That is why you can find them in the best restaurants, bakeries, pubs, hotels, and many, many more. Because if you want to do great things, there is nothing more important than the quality - and to us, quality is our top priority. 

Looking for that perfect oven? Talk to one of our consultants and find exactly what you’re looking for.