Stainless steel appliances
Stainless steel appliances
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About us

KitchenFurniture.Online is brought to you by a couple/family of passionate and experienced furniture specialists who know and can appreciate quality and practicality of products. Their passion for furniture has always been supported and inspired by their belief that good products constitute better quality of life.

Goods offered and sold by KitchenFurniture.Online have been carefully chosen.
We believe in all our products, we know them. We want to give you a chance to experience stylish and functional cooking in your British household.

Alpes Inox has been creating stainless steel appliances and furniture since 1960’s. Since then they have reached perfection that has no boundaries or limits. The goods look and work very well in any type of interior or environment. Appreciated and awarded.

Look, order and enjoy the wonderful style and quality presented by Alpes Inox made in Italy!