About us

Creating Kitchen Furniture Online we combined 2 important elements which are invaluable in our interiors: functionality and looks. The first element guarantees reliability and durability, while the other one a cosy interior- thanks to which we can continuously repeat a known saying ‘there is no place like home.’

By mixing unrivalled experience with unbridled passion we have created a company that understands the industry from the inside, with the mission statement of bringing our clients genuine joy. From the very beginning we wanted for our work to be inspired and inspiring and to focus on making peoples’ lives more luxurious, stress free and comfortable.

To follow your needs we are offering top quality products, the choice of which we will be happy to assist with. Our team will help with design, accurate and proper measuring of spaces and decision on water, gas and electric connections. Moreover, working with an experienced and recognized company which has been working for 17 years with the leading manufacturers and showrooms from the furniture industry, we also offer delivery and installation services.

Alpes Inox UK is a combination of quality and minimalistic style which works perfectly with small, cosy spaces as well as with spacious kitchens in hotels and restaurants. After many years in the market, Nico Moretto is recognised as the leader in producing luxurious stainless steel kitchens. The kitchens, which thanks to their durability and industrial character, have won hearts of many clients. This confirms that it is possible to combine quality and looks. This fact has been appreciated many times by prestigious awards and certificates received by our products. All this underlines the fact how unique Alpes Inox products are. By offering revolutionary cutting edge projects we are giving you an opportunity to combine classic and modern components. It is the ‘explosive’ mixture of new and old with the focus on quality that brings to the market the stylish sinks, hobs, ovens and hoods. All appliances are made from high grade stainless steel which follows all technical standards assuring the highest safety and years of usability.

Our products are known for their looks as well as their resistance to rust, high temperature, smudges and dirt. Mixture of chrome and nickel ensures glossiness and the highest durability, which are so greatly appreciated by master chefs – both in private, homely environment as well as in recommended and popular restaurants.

We would like to encourage you to contact our team In case of any questions.

We are more than happy to help you in the decision making process. We will guide you to particular products and advise in terms of design and space arrangement. We are open to your suggestions and we encourage you to share your opinions with us, thanks to which we will be able to answer your needs even better.

We thank you for your trust and years of cooperation – if it wasn’t for your dedication and love of our high quality products we would not be able to continue to develop expanding our offer and fulfilling actively in our field.