How to keep your gas hob clean?

Keeping a gas cooktop immaculately clean is essential for two main reasons. First, it is a trademark of our kitchen’s cleanliness and highlights the aesthetic image of our interior. Second, it extends the life of the equipment, at the same time reducing necessary costs related to maintenance and repair.

While cleaning the cooking area and preparing room for further cookery experiments, we should devote attention and time to care for stainless steel gas hobs properly. How to keep it clean without making streaks and leaving permanent stains? Is each cleaning agent safe and maintains the delicate surface scratch-free?


Before we answer the questions above, let us begin with prevention.

For cleaning and maintaining cooktops, the most important are preventive measures that keep away permanent and stubborn dirt. Therefore, remember not to let the food boil over and always adjust the flame and burner size to the bottom of the pot you want to use.

If you accidentally burn some food on the surface of the hob, clean it up as quickly as possible. All you need to remove the first layer of dirt is a damp, muslin cloth or paper towel.

Clean regularly

A gas cooktop requires consistent maintenance and care, similarly to all other appliances in your kitchen.

To ensure your gas hob remains in good condition for long, do it every time, even if the surface looks clean.

Whenever lots of dirt appears, choose cleaning agents carefully bearing in mind the type of surface. If you have a glass hob, for instance, it will need different chemicals than a stainless steel hob. Exercise caution and read the labels carefully to lower the risk of scratching the surface and eventually – to extend the life of your equipment.

Use appropriate cleaning measures

We already pointed out that the right choice of cleaning measures is crucial.

Let’s use a stainless steel hob as an example. This unique material requires delicate cleaning and oiling. Many agents available in popular shops and supermarkets can leave streaks and matt the surface, so ultimately the hob loses its elegant shine.

Instead, make a mixture based on a solution of water with vinegar, soap and lemon. Such a homemade cleaning agent can be replaced with dish soap or tested degreasing fluid. After applying the agent, wipe it all over the hob with a soft cloth or sponge and wait a few minutes. Don’t forget to wipe the surface with a dry paper towel to make sure you remove all of the substance.

Do not use anything with abrasive particles that could scratch the steel surface and avoid using just water because it can leave unsightly streaks.

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