Alpes Inox UK

As always we are focusing on the highest quality and our usual determination to meet clients needs. As such we are proudly presenting our range of stainless steel kitchens.

Not only are their aesthetics of an extraordinary quality but the styling meets the needs of both minimalistic and generous space design. The guarantee of quality and comfort  is supported by the one of the largest brands in the industry.

Our offering is for single units, which can be used not only as add-ons to kitchens in private  houses/apartments but also as accessories and sets for outside cooking.

Alpes Inox is a Nico Moretto company with a long history and experience in the luxury industry. Today the company is globally recognized as the market leader for stainless steel kitchens.

It is thanks to its revolutionary projects that modern kitchens might be equipped with elegant and stylish stainless sinks, hobs, ovens and extractor hoods. An Alpes Inox kitchen guarantees high quality technical standards which in turn assures the highest, long lasting quality and durability.

Carefully created projects make the stainless kitchen look elegant and universal.

Being immune to rust, high temperature and dirt is a result of carefully selected chrome and nickle mixture. It is not then surprising that our Alpes Inox products are loved and reverred by so many users, including master chefs.

Keeping in mind the precious qualities, we have in our offer a vast range of products which will meet your needs and expectations. We guarantee the products’ quality, functionality and safety of use.

In case of any questions we encourage you to contact us either via the phone or e-mail.