Small outdoor kitchen ideas

You would love to have an outdoor kitchen but at the same time, your backyard is pretty small and difficult to arrange? Well, it doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. It takes a lot of work and some planning but trust us, it’s worth it. With a growing demand for outdoor kitchen units UK companies are getting more and more creative with outdoor kitchen design. Here are some ideas on how to design a small outdoor kitchen that you would absolutely love!

First things first - set your budget 

That really should be your starting point. Once you set the budget for the project you would know exactly what is in your price range, starting with the perfect stainless steel outdoor kitchen units. That way you can design the perfect kitchen without spending too much money. And trust us, is easy to lose a track of your spendings when it comes to essentials and extras. Luckily, when it comes to the prices of outdoor kitchen units UK has a lot of different options to choose from. 

Start with a plan

Once you know your budget, you need to come up with a plan. It’s easier to decide what you want, once you have it all figured out. Here are some things to consider while making your small outdoor kitchen plan: 

  • type of outdoor kitchen - there is a lot of options. Decide whether you want the most simple one with basic stainless steel outdoor kitchen units or something more posh and unusual. 
  • your cooking style - that’s a big one. There’s no point in getting a pizza oven if you’re gluten intolerant, right? The same goes for your outdoor kitchen. Focus on what you like to cook and what is your cooking style. Are you more a bbq person, or someone who’s content with baked potatoes and a side salad? 
  • outdoor kitchen role - do you want a permanent kitchen or a portable one that can be easily moved from one place to another? Remember to think about it in advance because once the outdoor kitchen is all set, it’s hard to move it elsewhere. 
  • weather conditions - it’s important to take proper care of your outdoor kitchen units UK is a fairly rainy and windy country so that’s something you should consider while choosing from your options. The best idea is to place the outdoor kitchen under some kind of roof or cover. 


Small outdoor kitchen design is not an easy job. It gives you endless possibilities but also makes you prioritize everything. When planning your kitchen think about the things that you really need. Everything that you want to buy should be labeled by two main categories: essentials and extras. 

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