Outdoor Kitchen Units


Cooking outdoors is a pure joy for those who like eating outside. One of the biggest challenges, faced by those with this passion is the necessity to choose furniture and equipment resistant to changing and difficult outdoor weather conditions. With those challenges in mind we created outdoor stainless steel units.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Units

Stainless steel outdoor kitchen units can be of various length. For example a model 250 cm wide has got cabinets, grilling cape, single burner and useful for frying electric fryer. The set is equipped in 90 cm wide drawers which serve as practical storage space for the most important tools. Additionally, the unit has castors which makes moving the island is quick and easy. It also thanks to the castor setup that we can place the unit on a terrace, grass or anywhere close to your outdoor relaxation zone.  

Alpes Inox Outdoor BBQ Kitchen Cabinets

In our offer we have stainless steel outdoor furniture which range from 130 to 190 cm. All of them are made from AISI 304 stainless steel.  They have extendable gas hob, grill, burners for cooking, side handles, drawers as well as fixed and movable shelves. All of the design features give a very functional and individually adjustable place of work. Moreover cabinets are equipped in castors and blocking system that prevents the cabinets from moving.

Bigger units, apart from the grilling sections, are equipped in a remote controlled mixer, extra drawers, a fixed shelf and a functional, movable shelf made from f.ex separate cabinets. Other models, for example, have single burners and deep fryers.

Outdoor Kitchen Units UK

A wide choice of outdoor kitchen units helps you choose a design that goes with your expectations and needs. For barbeque lovers we recommend outdoor kitchen units. For outdoor deep frying fans we recommend units with a deep fryer. Additionally a stainless steel kitchen can be equipped in a water-tight, polyester protection cover which is available upon special request.

It is thanks to so many options that we can create your dream working space.

Create best dishes for your parties, private, corporate events and home. 

Outdoor kitchen units to match your style

We believe that everyone should be able to design an outdoor kitchen unit that matches their style and needs. And we know how important it is to find those perfect appliances that not only look great but will also stay with you for years. Because while we all may have different styles and preferences, there’s something we definitely have in common - we all want great quality at an affordable budget. 

While looking through hundreds of inspirations, you start to realize what your style is and how you want to design your perfect outdoor kitchen. There really are a lot of options to choose from - rustic style, modern style, retro style, etc. but no matter what you decide, just go to kitchenfurniture.online, because we have exactly what you’re looking for. Outdoor kitchen units that fit perfectly with every style. 

Designing your outdoor kitchen is quite an undertaking and we’re here to help you and guide you through each step of this project.