Stainless Steel Cooker Hoods


This stainless steel cooker hood has been produced by a leading and trusted manufacturer – Alpes Inox. It is because of that, that with any purchase of this hood you get a full guarantee of the best quality and safety.

Alpes Inox Stainless Extractor Hood

Main purpose of the stainless steel extractor hood is to absorb steam and unpleasant smells coming from fried or hob grilled dishes.

Picking your ideal hood you should follow 3 main characteristics: aesthetics, size and power. A big hood will perfectly fit in spaces in restaurants and houses, a smaller one in smaller flats.

All hoods, no matter the size, are made from a durable stainless steel, labeled AISI 304. Their silver like, satin finish is an attractive decoration to any interior which will be appreciated by all those who love elegant spaces.

On top of that the stainless steel extractor hood has 2 functions: firstly it removes unpleasant smells from any kitchen and secondly it returns the filtered air back to the room. All this is possible thanks to high quality, Stainless steel net filters and micro filters made from polyurethane foam and active carbon.

Stainless Steel Cooker Hoods: 50cm, 80cm, 90cm and more…

In our vast hood offer you will find, f. ex.

  • 50cm Stainless steel cooker hood
  • 80cm Stainless steel cooker hood
  • 90cm Stainless steel cooker hood

To install one of the above hoods it is necessary to make a 15cm hole in the wall so that you can connect the stainless steel hood to an external air duct.

Bigger extractor hoods, width between 110 and 140 cm, are powered by 2 engines, joined power 1600 m3/h. as opposed to the smaller hoods these require 2, 15 cm holes.

To assure the highest quality and comfort, the extractor hoods have a built in operation panel which gives  extra lighting and 4 speeds of fan that turns itself off automatically after 15 or 30 minutes.

Stainless Steel Chimney Hood

Stainless steel Chimney hood is installed in 2 ways. Firstly – on its own in order to expose it and underline an industrial type of interior.

Secondly - it can be built in, for example in a top shelf which will be appreciated by those who like minimalistic interiors.

Satin like finish achieved by the high quality stainless steel perfectly adds to other classic appliances. Moreover, the pull-out stainless steel hood might become an interesting and attractive decoration.

Stainless steel Chimney hoods such as CFE Extendable Filtrer Hoods have an option of pulling out and extending  of a wing, making the protection even better. This type of hood works even more efficiently. The engine’s performance is from 400m3/h to 800m3/h ( depending on the size).

By far, the most popular one is a 60 cm stainless steel hood which is perfect for small kitchens in less spacious flats.

Currently you have a choice of a 60 cm stainless steel (angular/corner) hood or a 90 cm one.

Similarly as previously – the steering panel is equipped with a switch regulating 4 speeds of fan and lighting.

Stainless Steel Cooker Hoods for kitchen

Each kitchen is a unique space. With all your needs and cooking style preferences, choosing the perfect cooker hood may seem a little hard. But trust us, it’s not. Kitchen extractors come in all shapes and sizes to match your style and preferences. However, stainless steel cooking hoods are the most popular, because they’re easy to maintain and look amazing in every kitchen. While choosing the perfect stainless steel cooker hood for your kitchen, consider: 

  • your cooking style - so you can choose what features you need in a kitchen extractor because there is quite a lot to select from. 
  • the size of your kitchen - the bigger the kitchen, the bigger the extraction rate you need. The cooking hood should be at least as wide as your hob or stove to do its job right. 
  • the extractor type - there is a lot of different options: canopy, chimney, built-in extractor, etc. Choose the one that works great with your kitchen and is easy for you to maintain.