Cooking In the open air – how to arrange your outdoor kitchen?

Barbequing is a very pleasant activity that encourages family gatherings, grand dinners and toasts with friends. A green, spacious garden and an impressive patio support the idea of outdoor cooking while the most current and functional solutions are serious competition to traditional grills and barbeques.

What sort of solutions are we talking about?

How about an outdoor kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen can be an alternative to traditional grills and fire pits placed somewhere in a corner of your garden. The basic difference lays in the construction. It is built not only from a cooking panel that helps you prepare the most exquisite dishes but also a sink, worktop, cabinets, drawers and most useful cooking tools. Such designs help us create a substitution of classic indoor kitchens that become a functional space for less and more experienced cooks.

Advice 1: This solution has become a popular choice for outdoor parties and weddings while ‘live’ cooking is an excellent entertainment.

Durable equipment is crucial 

It is not news that the base of an open air kitchen is lasting and reliable equipment. Appropriate certificates and quality of the manufacturer guarantee resilience to weather conditions and various surprises from Mother Nature – starting from high and low temperatures.

Outdoor kitchen units should have wheels which make them easy to move indoors or under a shelter.  Whole outdoor equipment can also be protected by covers.

Advice 2: Remember, for your comfort and due to harder working conditions outdoor furniture and appliances should be easy to clean and care for.

Remember about functionality

When planning your perfect, outdoor space remember about its functionality and ultimate goal. It is popular to arrange various areas of your garden, visibly separating cooking space from the space you spend being active. Thus, when choosing an appropriate movable island make sure that you have a pleasant, spacious eating - relaxing area where you can welcome your family and friends. Moreover, in case of bigger areas you may have to consider roof which will protect your equipment.

Don’t forget to choose your perfect kitchen – some kitchens might be equipped with extra space needed for meals preparation, some might have some built -in shelves or cabinets and other a grill or sink.

Which of the kitchens will be best for your garden?

Modular kitchens in gastronomy

Outdoor cooking units installed for pubs, in leisure areas, gardens or for parties are extremely popular in gastronomy business. ‘Live’ cooking has become a new trend widely used during wedding receptions becoming a serious threat to buffets. A properly put together modular kitchen lets a chef prepare the finest dishes while winning hearts of all guests.

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