3 not so obvious extras that you must have in your kitchen

While designing your kitchen you sketch where to place drawers, carefully plan all decorations, choose appliances and analyse your needs.

Next to a hood, fridge, cups hanging on hooks, wooden chopping boards placed on a worktop, we have 3 unconventional extras which will not only make your kitchen look good but  will also improve its functionality.

Which ones would you choose?

Free standing hobs

Imagine that you are organising a party for your whole family or many friends. Next to salads, grilled meat, snacks and dips you would like to serve some broth or soup. Such crazy culinary situations that require many burners and cooking space have been foreseen by the manufacturers that offer free-standing hobs.

 Installation of free standing hobs is extremely easy and does not require drilling or permanent fixing to a worktop. Their simple and elegant design goes well with other popular materials such as marble, wood or stone.

In order to be able to use a free standing hob we have to connect it to electricity and gas, bearing in mind that it has to be fixed to a worktop with a rear bracket. As hobs are made from stainless steel they are durable and resistant to many factors.

Wooden accessories

Stainless steel is a mixture of durability and delicate quality. The first one means resistance to changing temperature, acidic environment, corrosion and mechanical damages. Its delicate quality means that it needs rather carefully chosen cleaning detergents and tools that will not leave any smudges on the surface. It is recommended that you use detergents specifically intended for stainless steel. Such detergents will make the process of cleaning easy and more effective. To avoid scratches wooden accessories such as spoons or ladles are recommended in case of steel or chrome pots and pans.  

Worktop built-in accessories

To make our kitchen even more functional, it has become popular to install extra tools and equipment into worktops. This solution saves cabinet space and supports tidiness and cleanness of a kitchen.

Deep fryer with a lid that protects a cook from hot oil is among the most popular built-in pieces of equipment.

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