How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen on a Budget?

Summer is almost here. We want to spend more and more time outside and enjoy the sunshine. How about bringing your cooking outside? You think that building your kitchen outside is expensive and complicated? We will change your mind!


First of all, answer four questions. This will help you to make a plan and to avoid thinking about stuff that is not essential.


  1. What will you be cooking?

Barbecue is probably the most obvious and the easiest choice. Nevertheless, have you thought outdoor ovens for bread or pizza and bread, rotisseries, smokers or wok burners? Also, we recommend buying a single one functional kitchen unit instead of getting several with a different function each. For instance, have a look at our wheeled outdoor kitchen unit 250 cm wide with plancha, a single burner and deep-fat fryer. Moreover, the front part includes two equipped drawers 90 cm wide useful for kitchen utensils and cutlery, a fixed shelf for gas cylinder, and also a pull-out shelf.


  1. Where will you place your kitchen?

If you have a lot of space, that is great, but if you don’t, that is also great because it will be way cheaper to connect to power, gas or water. You can also omit refrigerator and sink, since it is close to your house.


  1. How do you want to organize your kitchen?

It works in the same way with outdoor kitchens as with indoor ones. Simply divide your outdoor kitchen into three main areas. Namely, preparation, cooking and serving. Get all the necessities, and when you have some extra money you can upgrade all the three zones. When organizing your kitchen avoid gas. It allows to reduce the installation costs. Running gas lines requires a permit and some extra money for a professional. Unfortunately, the expenses are growing together with the distance. The further your kitchen is located from your house, the more money you have to spend while installing it.


  1. Can you afford a shelter?

You have to be aware that building a shelter for your kitchen is an extra expense. Think about getting the equipment that includes wheels, so you can easily move it and hide it. Check our wheeled outdoor kitchen unit 130 cm wide with plancha and gas flip-up hob. The entire kitchen unit has anti-slip wheels with locking system, which makes it easy to relocate.


Last, but not least, if you are not a professional you will probably need one to help you with the outdoor kitchen. Check prices in your area and in neighbourhoods. Obviously, prices are higher in big cities and in rich neighbourhoods. You can save up to 10% here! If you are lucky, you can save even more.

Don’t wait until the summer is over! Sadly, you can’t slow the summer down... Enjoy the beauty of the nature while cooking and consuming your delicious meals!

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