Stainless Steel Gas Hobs

Built in/covert appliances is the most commonly used solution by kitchen designers and lovers of carefully arranged kitchen spaces. For many years this type of styling has been an alternative to traditional in-one  hobs and ovens. Its’ growing popularity is a result of its aesthetics and beautifully aligned functionality.

Hob installation does not require any cutting-in into a worktop, while its compatibility with the most popular materials guarantees safety on a daily basis.

Cooking has never been as easy and pleasurable – if you need convincing please check our vast selection of stainless hobs for yourself.

Alpes Inox Gas Hobs

The incredible gas stainless steel hob produced by the respected Alpes Inox is among the most talked about functional piece. It’s installation is no different to any other hob available in the market , requiring only gas and electricity connection.

Additionally, thanks to its carefully thought through design and construction, it is possible to lift it out with ease in order to carry out internal maintenance. The stainless steel material guarantees durability, endurance alongside its modern design.

Stainless Steel Induction Hob

Our unique stainless steel hob can have from 2 to 6 burners. The first unit will perfectly work for a minimalistic kitchen with a limited working space. The second one will become a highly functional element of a spacious kitchen in which you can cook meals for your whole family. Each burner has a different diameter so at the same time a different function – this meeting various needs and expectations of even the most experienced chefs.

Stainless Steel Gas Stove

Even with all of the new trends and new technologies, a stainless steel gas hob’s popularity has never changed. The fact that it has been produced from stainless steel means not only that it is very durable, but also makes cleaning and caring problem free.

Its modern, clean visual will be a perfect addition to your futuristic interiors, but its classic form will also be appreciated by the lovers of traditional interiors. A stainless steel hob is the alternative for induction hobs.

In our range you will also find electric grills with cast-iron crate, single stainless steel gas hobs, deep fryers made from steel and cast-iron supports for pans.

One of our most popular products is a free standing controlling and stainless steel electric hobs.

In case of any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us. We also invite you to make yourself familiar with our products through our website or by calling us directly.